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NAI Wheelhouse is a full-service commercial real estate company, offering brokerage, leasing, and property management services throughout West Texas. We are committed to understanding the needs of our clients, and to helping them fulfil their ambitions by delivering and managing quality properties in quality locations.

At NAI Wheelhouse, we utilize our market knowledge, industry experience, and regional relationships to understand how national, regional, and local retailers are growing and where they need to expand. NAI also provides a full service property management solution to serve our clients.

Tenant or Buyer Representation

Few transactions impact the profitability and success of a company more profoundly than the structure of its property lease. The location and image of the property, the space and technical features of the facility, and the financial parameters of the lease contract all have sweeping and long-term implications for the success of your occupancy.

To guide you step-by-step through the intricate leasing process, NAI Wheelhouse will:

Assess Your Needs
NAI Wheelhouse will first carefully review all aspects of your firm’s occupancy needs, including: financial parameters, desired demographics and traffic patterns of customers, the possibility of expansion or consolidation during the lease term, and the mechanical, electrical and telecommunications needs of your facility.

Evaluate Sites

Utilizing our market knowledge and up-to-date databases, we will seek out and evaluate possible sites to meet your specific needs.

Schedule Inspections

At the client’s convenience, physical inspections of selected sites will be scheduled.

Negotiate On Your Behalf

Armed with a full understanding of your occupancy goals, the NAI Wheelhouse team will develop a cohesive strategy to negotiate your lease or purchase from a position of strength. Our long experience, “at the table,” enables us to maximize our client’s position and secure the most favorable terms and concessions.



Owner Representation

NAI Wheelhouse applies a systematic, multi-disciplinary approach to locating prospective new tenants or buyers for a property. Our persistent, service-oriented team will develop an aggressive marketing strategy that encompasses all possible media resources and avenues to maximize the exposure of your property.

To best represent you, NAI Wheelhouse does:

Internet Listings

The property will be marketed through our web site, NAI Global, and other leading real estate property listing sites, including Loopnet and CoStar.

Printed Handouts

We will prepare and distribute brochures highlighting the strengths of your property. With client approval, appropriate signage indicating availability will also be placed.

Targeted Media

The property will be advertised in a targeted mix of media including: email marketing, social media, and real estate publications.

Buyer / Tenant Contacts

NAI Wheelhouse specialists will utilize their proprietary database of contacts to canvass buyers/tenants who have expressed interest in properties matching your profile.

Broker Contacts

To ensure all prospective buyers are identified, NAI Wheelhouse will work actively with other real estate firms to promote the property through a series of email blasts.


As prospects are located, NAI Wheelhouse will conduct careful screening so that only highly qualified buyers are presented to you.

Progress Reports

Each step of the way, NAI Wheelhouse will transmit progress reports detailing all initiatives taken, prospects screened, and interest generated.


Property Management

NAI Wheelhouse specializes in management of commercial and industrial buildings, professional office buildings, retail centers.

Maintaining your property in a presentable way and administering the leases in fiscally responsible way is a full-time job. That’s why NAI Wheelhouse offers a full range of services to help grow the value of your property and keep tenants happy.

The comprehensive property management services of NAI Wheelhouse include:

Accounting and Reporting
We prepare clear, comprehensive financial reports detailing all property income and expenses. Additionally, we provide annual budgeting and tax coordination as well as management of all receivables and payables.

Operations Management
We oversee each property, making certain that each minor repair or major improvement is completed efficiently. Additionally, we will build relationships with each tenant and develop tenant retention programs.

To help keep costs down and quality high, we offer you our purchasing power through agreements with licensed, bonded and insured contractors and vendors. We can also provide professional service technicians to handle any maintenance need you may have.

Capital Projects
NAI Wheelhouse personnel apply their extensive construction background to expertly oversee our clients’ major capital improvements. Our specialists are with you every step of the way; from evaluating the scope of work, to bidding out the job, to suitable contractors, to ensure competitive pricing, to executing a detailed contract to protect against cost overruns to monitoring the ultimate work, to assure it is executed professionally and to specifications.

NAI Wheelhouse experts will review existing policies and recommend ways to increase the value of your coverage.

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